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Howl's Moving CATstle

A rescue kitty's journey

Howl's Moving CATstle

24 Hours Post-Amputation

December 1st, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Howl’s surgery went great. 

I dropped Howl off at the vet at 7 am on Thursday, November 30 2017. Before they took him, I got to meet with the surgeon and ask any questions and express any concerns I had. I took up nearly an hour of the surgeon’s time, which I kept apologizing for, but the surgeon was great. He explained every part of Howl’s itinerary. From them taking him from me, to the pre-op bloodwork, shaving, anaesthetic, intubation and the actual procedure. He explained to me that he would save Howl’s surgery until the end of his routine spay and neuter surgeries for the day, that way he could take as much time as he needed with Howl and not worry about becoming behind. He explained that removing the limb was the easiest part, but after removing the limb, he liked to take his time making the remaining area as aesthetically pleasing as possible and making the nicest looking surgery site. He told me has been a surgeon for over 26 years and had done thousands of amputations. He also said although I opted for him to stay overnight at their 24/7 care facility, that Howl really didn’t need to stay overnight as long as there were no complications and that he would probably be most comfortable and happy at home with his family, but it was completely up to me. I decided to wait and see how the surgery went and how he woke up after the anesthesia to make my decision. After almost an hour of talking, and me wringing my own hands so much that they bruised, I kissed Howl goodbye.

I spent the day trying to distract myself. I went out for breakfast with my nana, spent time with my best friend and her puppy and went out for dinner with my friends. I tried to keep myself busy or I would stress and stare at my phone waiting for the call to let me know how his surgery went. At 2:44 pm, his amazing surgical vet tech called me to let me know he had done amazingly. He was awake, eating and standing up on his own already. I asked her “how cute of a tripod kitty does he make?” to which she responded “the absolute cutest, I took some pictures and I am sending them to you right now.” She then asked if I was going to take him home the same day and I asked her opinion and she said he was doing really well and that it was my decision, but she said it wouldn’t be unreasonable to bring him home that evening. I decided to leave him there until the late evening for more monitoring and pick him up after 8 pm. His vets, vet techs and everyone at the clinic made this difficult situation much easier, they were absolutely amazing.

I did my final preparations while I excitedly waited for pick up time. I set up a large crate with his litter, food, bed and toys. I searched for premature baby clothing and sewed them. When it was finally 8 pm, we went to pick him up. They brought him out and I cried. I had seen the photos of him but seeing him half-stoned, missing a limb and with a large suture site was a little harder than I expected. Everyone was very understanding and comforting.

When we got home, I fed Howl, gave him his antibiotics and pain medications and put him on the floor of the livingroom while he ate. When he was done eating, he RAN up the stairs. He. Ran. Not even 12 hours post-op. After I sat there stunned for half a second, I chased after him to stop him from running because I didn’t want him to hurt himself and rip open his stitches. I found him upstairs using his litter box. My two biggest fears after the surgery (other than complications) was 1) him losing his appetite and 2) him having trouble with the litter. He tossed my fears aside within 15 minutes of getting home. I thought it was going to be easy to keep him relatively sedentary while he healed. I was apparently incorrect.

As expected, he was very tired. He is still very tired. He slept all night long, woke up for medicine and breakfast, and now he is sleeping in bed. He’s not a fan of his little t-shirt, but he’s even less a fan of the cone. The vet techs told me they had to take the cone off at the vet because he really didn’t like it. I put it on at home and he constantly thrashed around when it was on, so that isn’t going to work.

Here are some photos of him post-o.p. I know many if not all of you reading this have most likely seen your own pet’s incision, but just in case, warning that some of the photos have his visible incision.

This is the photo that his amazing vet tech sent me when he woke up from surgery. He looked like very drugged up kitty.

After he came home and had some dinner and medicine, he was ready to go to bed.

I always said I wanted a Sphinx kitten and now I partially have a Sphinx kitten since most of his upper body has been shaved.

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  • jerry

    Hooray for Howl! What a great patient, I can’t believe he slept through the night! That’s pretty remarkable, most animals won’t. Must be the great work the surgeon did before during and after the surgery. Good job with choosing a great one!

    We can’t get enough of Howl. I’m so glad he’s got that amputation behind him. Now your challenge is to keep him calm so that his body can heal. This will be hard with a spunky kid like him, but you can do it!

  • Joanna

    Good on you Howl and Howl’s family..the tough part is over. Now it is just recovery and joyful tripawd living. So happy for your little baby. love from Joanna xo

  • paws120

    Oh that is fantastic! He is just so beautiful. You must be so happy to have this part of the journey behind you. One thing about kittens, they are tough stuff now, lol. I know it will be hard to keep him quiet but trust me, you dont want to take him back to be re sutured or stapled. His incision looks fantastic, sounds like you had a top notch surgeon!!

  • chaurie

    What a sweet looking guy! Hoping he has a speedy recovery! We just rescued our second tripawd kitten. She runs and plays as fast as any of our 4 footed cats. And now loves to climb the Christmas tree!

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